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At the Borum Family Health Clinic, during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to provide the best health care possible as well as guarantee the safest visit possible.

We want patients to be safe as well as feel safe when they visit our clinic.

We are now seeing patients in the clinic for live face to face visits.

We are limiting the number of patients on the schedule in order to shorten the wait and to allow for safe social distancing between patients and staff members.

We ask that you have an appointment when you come.

Patients who call for appointments are being screened for symptoms of coronavirus infection. Well patients will not be exposed to patients who might have coronavirus infection.

Patients who have symptoms of coronavirus infection will be treated at home or elsewhere other than inside the clinic.

Patients are screened for fever and for possible virus contact and for symptoms before coming into the waiting area.

We ask that each patient bring and wear a face mask or face scarf during the visit.

Our healthcare providers will wear facemasks.

Plenty of sanitizing hand gels and hand soaps will available for everyone to use.

All furniture in the waiting area and exam rooms is of non-fabric material and is sanitized in between each patient. Other equipment such as blood pressure monitors are sanitized between patients.

We want you to know that it is safe to receive healthcare in our clinic. We want you to know that there is no need to put off important healthcare. Receiving timely medical attention is important in order to avoid complications such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, pneumonia and sepsis (just to name a few).

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