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High blood pressure isn’t just a number: It’s a potentially deadly health risk. At Borum Family Health Clinic in Natchez, Mississippi, board-certified doctor Charles Borum, MD, and his skilled staff believe in partnering with their patients to ensure the best in care. Reach out to the team by phone or through the online scheduler to learn how you can lower your blood pressure now.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure means that your blood beats against your artery walls with too much force. Over time, this allows plaque deposits to cling to small wall fissures, narrowing room for blood to flow through your arteries. Ultimately, this raises your risk for heart attack and stroke, two of the most common causes of death in America today. Fortunately, you can control your blood pressure with help from the Borum Family Health Clinic team. 

When is my blood pressure too high?

Your blood pressure can go up and down, often changing from morning to night. But certain blood pressure readings are borderline or too high, especially if your readings are fairly consistent. 

Blood pressure categories are:


Normal blood pressure is less than 120 systolic (top number) and less than 80 diastolic (bottom number).


Elevated blood pressure is 120-129 systolic and less than 80 diastolic. This is sometimes called borderline high blood pressure.

Hypertension: stage 1

Stage 1 hypertension is the first stage of high blood pressure. It occurs when your blood pressure is 130-139 systolic or 0-9 diastolic.

Hypertension: stage 2

Stage 2 hypertension is a blood pressure reading of 140 or higher systolic or 90 or higher diastolic. 

If your blood pressure reading is higher than 180 systolic and/or 120 diastolic, it's a medical emergency called hypertensive crisis.

What are the signs of high blood pressure?

There are usually no signs of high blood pressure until damage is already severe. The condition is often called a silent killer because you can feel perfectly fine and still suffer a heart attack or stroke due to undiagnosed high blood pressure. 

This lack of symptoms is why it’s very important to have regular wellness exams at Borum Family Health Clinic. At every visit to the clinic, the team checks your blood pressure. They also regularly assess your risk factors, such as family history of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, to help you manage risk and prevent high blood pressure. 

How do I lower my blood pressure?

The Borum Family Health Clinic team prescribes effective measures to manage your blood pressure. Usually, weight loss and exercise, managed by the Borum Family Health Clinic team, is a great start. You may need to change the way you eat, for example reducing salt, sugar, and refined carbohydrates, to get healthy and reduce your blood pressure. 

If diet and exercise don’t help enough, you may need to take oral medication every day. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep your blood pressure controlled long-term.

Borum Family Health Clinic can help you manage your blood pressure for peak wellness. Call the office or book with online scheduling today.