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Skin problems like rashes and lesions may just be a minor issue, but they could also represent something more dangerous like skin cancer. If you discover new skin problems, don’t delay in getting an evaluation at Borum Family Health Clinic in Natchez, Mississippi. Board-certified physician Charles Borum, MD, offers caring treatment for all types of skin problems, with both the diagnosis and treatment happening on site. Call the office or use the online appointment scheduler for help today.

Skin Problems Q & A

Should I worry about a skin lesion?

A skin lesion is any portion of your skin that looks different than the surrounding skin. You likely don't need to worry about a skin lesion, but it's important that you take it seriously and get it evaluated. If you notice a skin lesion, it's best to have the Borum Family Health Clinic team look at it as soon as possible. The main changes to watch for include: 

  • A brand new skin lesion
  • A change in the size or shape of an existing lesion
  • A lesion that bleeds
  • A lesion that keeps breaking open and then healing
  • A lesion with an irregular shape
  • A lopsided lesion, with each half looking different

Skin lesions can be very light, almost the same color as the rest of your skin, but they often range in color from brown to red. Lesion color isn’t a definitive indicator of whether it’s serious, so don’t assume that the lesion isn’t a problem simply because it’s not black or scary-looking.

Is a rash dangerous?

A rash isn't necessarily dangerous, but it's best to take a close look at it to determine whether it could be a sign of something serious. Some symptoms to look for include:

  • Fever along with the rash
  • Pain along with the rash
  • Blisters within and around the rash
  • Yellow, white, or other colored discharge from the rash
  • Bad smell coming from the rash

The symptoms above are potential indicators of an infected rash. However, many other rashes feel really itchy and uncomfortable but don’t have obvious signs of infection. Often, a rash is a reaction to heat, a substance like detergent, or medication. To be sure of what caused the rash, you need evaluation and testing at Borum Family Health Clinic promptly. 

How do you treat rashes, lesions, and other skin problems?

The team treats rashes, skin lesions, and other skin problems on a case-by-case basis. Your treatment may include topical cream or ointment, oral medication, and other remedies like lesion removal or freezing skin growths off where necessary. 

Borum Family Health Clinic has all the skin problem solutions you need in one convenient Natchez location. Book your appointment with online scheduling, or call the office to schedule today.